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New Law Protects Consumers From Debt Buyers

New Law Protects Consumers From Debt Buyers

New Law Protects Consumers From Debt Buyers

Consumers here in California get an early 2014 present with a new law that prohibits a debt buyer from bringing suit on a claim that is barred by the statute of limitations (Civil Code § 1788.56).

The new law which takes effect January 1, 2014 changes the burden of proof to the creditor.  Up until now, a creditor was free to sue on a debt that was older than the statute of limitations.  The burden was on the person sued to claim the protection of the statute.

Too often, the debtor didn’t know that and the collector got a judgment on debt that should have been unenforceable.

The law contains many other benefits which you can read about at Cathy Moran’s blog:


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