Upcoming 2013 San Francisco Housing EXPO

Upcoming 2013 San Francisco Housing EXPO

Upcoming 2013 San Francisco Housing EXPO

SF Housing EXPO Offers Resources For Current And Future Homeowners

After a one year hiatus, HomeownershipSF presents the upcoming HomeownershipSF Housing Expo. The free expo will present information opportunities for future and current homeowners. HomeowershipSF partners with the Mayor’s Office of Housing the five member agencies, Asian Inc., Consumer Credit Counseling Service of SF, Mission Economic Development Agency, SF Housing Development Corp. and SF LGBT Center to promote affordable housing in the city.

For those who don’t work at Google, Facebook or Twitter and may be thinking that affordable homeownership in San Francisco represents an oxymoron of epic proportions consider that possibilities do exist for low to medium income San Franciscans. Come to the expo to discover about city, state, and federal down payment assistance programs, as well as special loans for veterans, emergency first responders, and teachers.  Keep in mind that Below Market Rate (BMR) properties have become available again.

Expo Also Offers Info For Current and Distressed Homeonwers

In addition to workshops about buying a home, the expo will offer workshops for current owners. Although the San Francisco real estate market continues to rise at a steady pace, some current owners still face distressed situations. The expo will offer sessions to educate homeowners about many topics including the important California Homeowners Bill of Rights as well as updates from Keep Your Home California.

Although the expo is free, it is a good idea to register in advance due to the limited capacity of some workshops.

To register click on the link here

October 26, 2013

10:30 am to 5:30 pm

At St. Mary’s Cathedral

1111 Gough St., San Francisco 94109


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