Guess The Magazine Cover Date – The Debt Bomb

time cover 1984 debt bombIt time to play guess the magazine cover date.

Even though the magazine displays a story about this the huge debt it did not come off the presses  last week.  Currently the US and many other countries (not to mention) millions of homeowners remain in debt this cover hit the newsstands a while ago.

Guess cover date.

Read the clues about what happened during the month and year:

1- Before the IPAD, Apple released the Lisa, the first commercial computer with a graphical user interface (GUI). It didn’t sell well but it got Apple on the right development track and created the first of many brawls with perpetual rival Microsoft.

2- The Labor Department reports that the U.S. inflation rate hit 3.9 percent in 1982. Wouldn’t that be a great number now?

3- After less than a month of retirement from college football, with the most victories in history, Coach Bear Bryant died of a heart attack at age 69. During his career he logged 323 victories, 85 defeats, and 17 ties.

The answer:

January 10, 1983



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3 responses to “Guess The Magazine Cover Date – The Debt Bomb

  1. The scary thing is that the U.S. National debt back in 1983 was $1.4 Trillion. Now it is almost 10 times that. Yikes!

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