NFHA Files Complaint Against U.S. Bank for Discrimination

NFHA Files Complaint Against U.S. Bank for DiscriminationDiscrimination charge against US Bank for REOs

Can the banks do anything above board with their foreclosures? They have robo-signing, illegal evictions, and now National Fair Housing Alliance (NFHA) filed a federal housing discrimination complaint against U.S. Bank this week following an investigation of the bank’s properties.

The NFHA stated that the investigation of 177 foreclosed properties owned by U.S. Bank, including homes here in the Oakland/Richmond/Concord area, showed that the bank did not maintain the REO properties in the African-American and Latino neighborhoods as well as they maintained and marketed their bank-owned properties in white neighborhoods.

Among the complaints issued regarding the maintenance and marketing deficiencies included overgrown lawns, no “for sale” signs, and trash on the property.

Discrimination charge also against Wells Fargo for REOs

NFHA also filed a discrimination complaint against Wells Fargo last week.

The Fair Housing Act makes it illegal to discriminate based on race and applies to housing activities including maintenance, appraisal, listing, marketing, and selling of homes.

Which will the next bank to discriminate and be sued?


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