Activism And Prostesting Foreclosures Highlight Local San Francisco Radio Show

We just participated as guests on KALW 91.7 fm in San Francisco with the topic about foreclosure and activism. The guests included Grace Martinez from ACCE, and Alberto del Rio from Occupy Bernal as well as a woman who had her loan rescinded from a foreclosure in the Bayview District.

The on-air discussion revolved around activism and what people can do to prevent foreclosures here in the Bay Area as well as other locations. The US has Occupy Oakland, San Francisco, and New York. Now it gets really local. Occupy Bernal Heights. The Bernal activists have been successful in postponing six housing auctions, with plans to include other neighborhoods.

Although much of the conversation circled around activism and protesting, we discussed how even though loan mod approval remains stagnant at around 10-13% that the possibility remains to get principle reduction. One of our past forum panelists worked as a HUD certified counselor and helped get several homeowners principle reduction. The panelist now works at a bank so she knows how to package a loan mod. It’s all in the packaging.

A revered from San Francisco called into the show said they would rather borrow money from Al Capone because if you didn’t pay they him then he would only break your legs which would eventually reset. It doesn’t work that way with the banks which he referred to as “Banksters”.

Let’s keep the conversation and action moving forward.

You can listen to the on-air broadcast

Photo courtesy of The City Square


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