Is The U.S. Going Broke? Guess The Magazine Cover Date?

Most of us have a watched a quiz show at one point of our lives or another. Each week (or maybe more) we will post a magazine cover on our blog. Even with the clues let’s see how good everyone is at guessing the date (or at least the year).

This particular cover looks like it could be from last week’s newsstand release but you would be wrong.

Can a nation with a trillion-dollar economy be running out of money? Does that sound familiar?

Despite the current rise in the stock market, many cities and states lack the ability to pay for the public services—health care, education, welfare, garbage pickup, pollution control, police and fire protection—that make life for us citizens pleasant, or at least tolerable. Let’s not even get started with the real estate market and the effect on homeowners, cities and counties.

What date or year is the cover from?


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