Twenty Distressed Properties In San Francisco With Values Over $1.5 Million

In our continuing look at the high end distressed market, we turn our attention to San Francisco. We know about the recent tech boom with Twitter, Zynga, etc. bringing their stock options with them into the City but we have figures showing 20 distressed properties with values above $1.5 million. Most of these distressed properties fall under the single family home category. Let’s not even talk about commercial properties in distress here.

One of the higher value distressed properties sits in Pacific Heights and has a $3.6 million published bid. We also see a $3.3 million dollar distressed home in Cow Hollow.

Are these cases where the homeowners doesn’t care what happens? Do they need help and options? Or like many of the other millions of distressed homeowners do they need simple education?

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Filed under Banks, California, pre-foreclosure, San Francisco

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