Bay Area Resource Distressed Homeowner Educational Forum Event Tomorrow In San Francisco

Just a quick reminder or in case you hadn’t heard the BayAreaResource distressed homeowner educational forum event is tomorrow January 28, 2012 12-3 pm. For last minute registration click here.

We listed some of the topics to be discussed:

The panel shall be divided into two main sections:

1-options to keep your home

2-options to exit your home with the least amount of financial burden

Section A

Keep your home

1- reinstatement
2- refinance (with new HARP guidelines)
3- kill your 2nd


Section B

Loss mitigation

5 -Repayment plan
6- Loan mod
7-Tax consequences of loan mod
8-Bankruptcy chapter 13

Section C

Options to Sell

9 – Conventional sale (not underwater but behind in payments)
10- Short sale
11 – Possible tax consequences of short sale
12- Deed in lieu
13- Bankruptcy Chap 7
14 – Foreclosure


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