Foreclosure Starts Decline In California

Just when we think we have this whole foreclosure thing figured out, the number s come and throw us an old Barry Zito curve ball. Foreclosure Radar reported that December’s foreclosure timeline in California fell to 250 days, a 16.9 percent drop from November.

Foreclosure timelines declined overall, which California-based Foreclosure Radar found “surprising.”
With a 30.6 percent drop, California posted the greatest decline in foreclosure starts in December. Arizona followed with a 24.2 percent decline.

ForeclosureRadar reported a 45.8 percent rise in foreclosure cancellations in December, which it attributes to the closing of a trustee sale location in Norwalk.

We also find the foreclosure timeline info curious. Don’t the banks continue to state that they will find alternatives to foreclosures? Numbers don’t lie but perhaps others do.


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