Mental Health Solutions During And After Foreclosure

During the current distressed housing crises, most people continue to deal with economic stress and their financial health. To some, the crisis may have to deal with things more important than their bank accounts. Several foreclosure prevention housing counselors have reported to us that they have clients who have been denied loan mods suffering from depression, and have used words such as “want to kill myself” or “suicide.”

In extreme cases such as these, some housing counselors have referred the clients to their local crises hotline. One housing counselor suggested that depressed people consider check this resource which offers an experiential training course –

One housing counselor attended the training and saw contractors, real estate professionals, and homeowners who were in pre-foreclosure or who already had lost their home go through the training with beneficial outcomes. She reported that people who attended the training obtained the energy to take control of their own lives. The counselor mentioned that she took the course a year ago and it had a life changing effect.

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    Thanks for all the information here.
    Hi have myself a blog about mental health issues.

    Check it out if you want.

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