New Facts About Home Buyers

Who doesn’t like facts? John McClane near the beginning of the film Die Hard 2 (which we don’t like nearly as much as its predecessor) says the phrase, “Just the fax ma’am” while wiggling his wedding ring at a woman who asked him out for drinks.

Enough with the movies, here are just a few real estate facts that we found interesting.

1- 50% of all real estate transactions – First Time Buyers
Average age of First Time Buyers – 30 years old

2- 20% of all buyers are single females

3- 36% of all buyers fall in the 25-34 year old range

4- 80 million echo boomers between 18-32

5- FiSBOs – represent only 10% of real estate transactions (and of those 8% were inter-family transactions)  so that leaves only 2% of  true FiSBO transactions occur.

6- Longevity – 11% of real estate buyers are over 65 years of age.

Live long and prosper.



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2 responses to “New Facts About Home Buyers

  1. Interesting post! I definitely see more younger people as First Time Buyers.



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