Tax Credits For Energy Saving Home Improvements

Even with the depressed market, homeowners might want to consider adding Green elements to their home. As winter approaches, homeowners may be looking for ways to cut energy bills and going Green represents a great way to do it. Although the Bay Area does not get the brutal winters that say Chicago gets, the temperatures can often drop and that means the energy bills rise.

Many people don’t know that but in an effort to assist with the cost of making energy-saving home improvements, the federal government will continue to offer tax credits for qualified purchases. However, some of the credits expire Dec. 31, 2010, so get greening.

Homeowners can get a tax credit for installing certain stoves; energy-efficient furnaces, water heaters, and air-conditioning systems; insulated roofs, windows, and doors; and wall and ceiling insulation. The tax credit covers 30 percent of the purchase costs, up to $1,500. A full list of eligible purchases can be found at

Stay warm and informed.


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