MEDA 6th Annual San Francisco Homeownership Fair

With all of the goings on in the City this past weekend (Hardly Strictly Bluegrass, Bridge to Bridge race), we found time to volunteer at the MEDA 6th Annual San Francisco Homeownership Fair.

The diverse crowd strolled though the block long event in the Mission and checked out the various vendors and information sessions – including stabling and improving credit (something that most everyone needs to do these days) and one special session about foreclosure prevention – our specialty.

As with any event, people get out of it what they put into it. We think that information remains far more valuable than key chains and tchotchkes that some banks and other companies offered. We offered foreclosure lists and updates, detailed area statistics and buyer property updates. People ate it up.

The crowds certainly showed up (maybe some to win the flat screen TV) but most came to be educated and have motivation to buy. A few did want help with their distressed properties. Even if we tried, we couldn’t tell how many people attended this past weekend (the 2009 version attracted over 700 people) but it probably equaled last year.

Certainly, many people continue to fear the housing market (lack of trust in the banks, fear of additional price drops, and difficulty in securing loans) but a lot of solid information can often overcome a little uncertainty. We remain pretty certain of that.


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