NACA Alert Or Just More Foreclosure PR?

Late last night, we received an “important” message from NACA that had the urgency of something like 911 but after further consideration we deemed it just another form of PR.

The message called it a “NACA alert,” which sounds important like saving a family’s home from foreclosure but the alert urges us (and the rest of America) starting Sept 22 to contact congress.

NACA has created this National Foreclosure Week of Action. So what have the other weeks been called? The 51 Other Weeks of Inaction?”

NACA claims that they have been advocating for us and that lenders and investors are interested in what congress has to say. We would agree with the statement that lenders and investors are interested in the actions of DC, especially after seeing the new documentary Inside Job.

The NACA alert boasts the importance and effectiveness of having congress be our advocate, so they suggest that we should either go to Washington to discuss the foreclosure issue with our congressperson in DC or to contact our local congressperson. If these people could afford to travel to Washington, then they might be able to pay their mortgage payments as well.

Maybe NACA might be looking after homeowners’ best interests but we’ve talked with many people who have simply fallen through the NACA system and had to scramble for other homeowner assistance.

What Congress has shown in this housing crisis is to create programs (HAFA, HAMP) that either apply to such a small percentage of the population (especially here in California) or are used simply for PR (short pay re-fi). Whey don’t we let a member of congress go through the HAFA or HAMP program and see how beneficial the experience is?

Anyone who has a burning desire to participate in this National Foreclosure Week of Action can call 888-401-6222.

Good luck in DC.

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