Free Consumer Action Publications About Credit Cards

With all of the focus on real estate, loan mods and foreclosure prevention, the royal we have overlooked those pesky credit cards and dealing with the lovely credit card companies. Yes, people still find themselves buried in unsecured debt so we thought it would be helpful to toss out some credit card 411.

These updated publications from Consumer Action in San Francisco can help consumers educate themselves about the new federal credit card law.

“Credit Cards: What You Need to Know” can help consumers understand the different types of credit cards available, sort through offers to choose the card that’s right for them, understand credit card terms and conditions, and avoid those pesky fees and penalty rates.

Dad, can I have a credit card? For that questions we recommend checking out the “Families and Credit Cards” publication that gives parents some solid info about the merits of giving their children credit cards.  The topics include youth and credit cards, adding cardholders to your account, secondary cardholder policies, payment options for kids while they are traveling and helping young people understand the importance of good credit.

All brochures can be ordered in five languages (English, Spanish, Chinese, Korean and Vietnamese).

We offer just a sample of info so check out the Consumer Action website which offers more info and definitions then the limit on most credit cards.


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