SFPD Officers Attend Real Estate Solutions in an Ever-changing Economy Panel Event

Panel Break

With the announcement of the Prop 8 overturn the ban on same-sex marriage, much of the San Francisco Police went to focus their attention to the protests and other hullabaloo. However, other SFPD officers attended the Real Estate Solutions in an Ever-changing Economy panel event yesterday.

The morning panel drew a bigger crowd with the focus on distressed properties and homeowner solutions and assistance. The audience got an overload (in a good way) of solid info and updates about Loan Mods, Short Sales, Tax Ramifications, and Bankruptcy from the likes of BK attorney Jeff Curl, Tax specialist Jeff Johnson, Patricia Lowe a CDPE real estate agent and HUD counselor Phanny Lun. Lun, from non-profit Asian, Inc., commented how the loan mod process continues to be troublesome for many applicants mostly due to the how long it takes the loan servicers to have investors approve the loan or find a new investor to purchase the loan. To some of the officers that we talked with dealing with the banks for a loan mod causes almost as much stress as dealing with flying bullets.

The lesser-attended afternoon panel hit up info buyers and investors about DALP (SF just got new funding for the down payment assistance so hop on board), Police Next Door, Tax Benefits, Legal Questions, and Buying Distressed Properties. Even the panel had their ears peeled for Peter Fatooh who specializes in San Francisco Property Tax Appeals. Without going into the long story, those (especially those in San Francisco) who seek a property tax reduction should either seek expert help versus the county assessor or pray.

More panel highlights soon.


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