Cool and New Start-up Ideas at Real Estate Connect 2010

One of the more interesting aspects of Real Estate Connect ends up being the start-ups.  True, the old school companies have their new and improved ingredients (like half of the laundry detergents) but we get more interest when the newbie companies get their chance to elevator pitch their ideas. Being green, we call it the “stairs pitch” which takes just a little longer but ends up feeling better in the end.

We found some of these sites and programs to be some of our faves and some have private finding, some VC and yes even the bootstraps financing (boy, can we identify with that!). that can make someone king or queen of his or her neighborhood kind of like foursquare but for real estate. which sort of acts like a world view of listings, and that allows people to upload and get easy access to view disclosures. allows the easy prioritization of contacts or ideas in a short amount of time (like before a meeting). It allows someone to get the gist of things. Get it?

We also like, which blows up the whole 360 degree virtual tour thing by allowing a non liner tour to view a property and actually experience the flow of it. We don’t have much time to watch TV but they used the photosynth technology for a recent CSI episode.

Be sure to check out gives the ability to present 1000s of things on the web and synthesizes in a more innovative and fun way.  Ever want to download a huge photo but don’t have hours to download, then be sure to check out to put gigantic images on the web without excessive download times.

Don’t let the slagging economy get you down because the good news is that many of these sites offer the service and info for no cost so take advantage of the free (for now) technology while it lasts.


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