Agent Reboot San Francisco

How many Ipads, Flips and Droids we see here at the pre-Inman Connect SF Agent Reboot? We spy enough people texting, blogging (we’re guilty too) and taking video that maybe one forth continue to stare at their screens rather than the panel or speakers.

Max Pigman at mentioned several apps that that he likes such as Card Snap, Bump and Facetime. He also went off on how in terms of real estate searches the US Mobile network grew 110% last year. Of course Apple dominates and the Droid continues to come strong at #2. Look out for Droid X and HTC Incredible from Google.

Aaron Sperling from Vflyer talked about about how syndication and how people look for real estate. What are the photos like for the listing? How many photos are associated with the listing? The more the better.

We can say the same thing for the information and sharing at this conference the more the better. More later from Inman Connect.


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One response to “Agent Reboot San Francisco

  1. Thanks for the blog post! Glad you enjoyed our 1st Agent Reboot. Will you be here this week for Connect?

    Katie Lance
    Marketing Manager, Inman News

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