Kickoff Event for HomeownershipSF

HomeownershipSF Kickoff Event

San Francisco has quietly had its own homebuyer non-profit organization for several months, but this past Friday were a lot less quiet with the official kick-off for the HomeownershipSF. HomeownershipSF seeks to be an informational hub for perspective SF homebuyers who wish to purchase in San Francisco.

Normal working class people who can purchase in SF? Think it’s impossible? Not at all. Their organization shows the in and outs for perspective homebuyers who don’t have seven figure salaries. They work with several non-profit housing agencies (MEDA, SF Urban, Asian Inc, CCCSSF) as well as the Mayor’s Office of Housing to educate homebuyers about the various down payment assistance programs, as well as housing workshops, affordable property listings and as well as a slew of other info.

We got a chance to enjoy the grand opening festivities by rubbing elbows and various Mayor’s Office participants, various bank representatives, and principals who have already succeeded in buying their own properties through the program. It didn’t hurt that the catered lunch had a sustainable and local flavor complete with homemade ginger ale with non-bottled seltzer water and fresh ginger. Food and drink aside, after this event, we know that SF soon-to-be-homebuyers have a fighting chance here in SF.

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