Inside the San Francisco Armory

Talk about crazy piece of real estate – a couple days ago we got to take a VIP tour of the inside of the San Francisco Amory building which now houses the production studio of  Sure, the price that they paid for the building $3 million plus may have dropped in value but they don’t exactly need a loan mod.

Competed in 1914, the 200,000 square foot Moorish Castle replica dates back to 1914 where it housed the National Guard facility until 1976.  It retains original period details including wainscoting, stone staircases, sweeping corridors, and a gigantic drill court spanning almost an acre. We even got to see the mostly unknown Mission Creek, a fresh water creek that runs under the building.

The sexy tour gave us a view of the myriad of interesting rooms (such as the padded cell photo), the chain room and the prop room that the production company uses as sets.  Okay, we’re not telling property owners to turn their homes into production studios but if you need to get creative, then this is one example of a way to pay the mortgage.

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