Santa Clara Residential Inventory Stats

Do people in Santa Clara county like things flat? The people hitting the rollercoasters at Great America definitely don’t. The people in San Jose driving the wet roads do. But for those checking out real estate sales then it could go either way.

Depending if you’re a buyer or seller the market in Santa Clara county remains rather calm but it might be the calm before the storm. Check out the chart and see can see that the home sales in Santa Clara county remain flat.

Here are the most recent numbers with the week ending:
1/18/10    1729   (Active Single Family Homes) 2497  (Pending SFH)  674 (Active Condos)   1101  (Pending Condos)
1/25/10    1796   (Active SFH)  2528  (Pending SFH) 716  (Active Condos)  1123   (Pending Condos)

We are starting to see more Short Sales come on the market. Stay tuned for more updates.


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