Infinity Penthouse For Only $7.5 mil

millienum penthose

Deluxe Apartment in the Sky

I just enjoy a penthouse view…well of course the old Green Acres opening song would apply here expect that the penthouse doesn’t overlook New York’s Park Avenue but rather San Francisco Bay and the Bay Bridge. For only a sweet $7.5 mil you too could own this deluxe apartment in the sky of one of new Infinity towers. The approximately 3300 square foot pad is more of penthouse than a deluxe apartment but whatever we call it, it does offer sweeping views of the bay and the city. Make sure you don’t suffer from Vertigo like Jimmy Stewart otherwise it might not be such a pretty view.

We hear that Congress is oh so close to extending the $8000 buyer tax credit so that will give extra incentive to anyone who wants to by this place. We’re so tied in to the sales department that we can get them to not only to negotiate down the price but we can get them to include the floor lamp (seen in the photo).


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