Notice of Default Shrine

alter photoNot to get all religious on anybody, but we had to post this recent photo. One of our new clients in San Jose recently met us at his house which is in pre-foreclosure. After talking with us for a while he could tell that we had his best interest at heart. He had been receiving letter from various “ambulance chasers” and others trying to take advantage of his situation. Honestly, we just wanted to help the guy with whatever resources we could.

Eventually, he toured us around his home. Okay, it isn’t exactly a mansion so it wasn’t hard to miss the alter in his living room. That’s not so strange. We’ve seen alters before but not one with a NOD placed on it. The homeowner mentioned that he put it there so that someone would come and help him with his situation.

Then the owner mentioned how he had prayed for someone to help and that we arrived.  Call it the power of prayer, fortiutuios luck, hard work, good reosurces or or a combo plate of the above but we’re just glad to see how appreciative he is that we can help him.


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