Apartment Hunting? Rent Wiki Has Rental Rants

logo-rentwikiWhile checking out the myriad of new tech stuff going on at Inman Connect 2009 this past week, we discovered the cool Rent Wiki. Yes, we’re not all about trying to get people to buy, buy, buy, sometimes people want to rent, rent, rent.

For those with short attention spans with no time to fully experience new technology, this site acts as a sort of Yelp meets Craig’s List (check out their city list font to see blatant similarities) or as they call it a Social Rental Search.

Like Yelp, it might not be the best idea to solely rely on people’s opinions without doing due diligence or even asking someone who actually lives in a certain hood but the site can jump start a sometimes stressful apartment hunting experience. Their apartment hunting lists extends over the US but the lists are by no means exhaustive as many don’t know about this site.

And just like houses, it remains a renters’ market in most pats of the Bay Area, so negotiate hard. And rant on.


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